Devoted to the exploration of glittering, unseen worlds, byNWR instills original ideas born from the preservation of the past and the innovation of the future.


Music video for Travis Scott feat. Beyonce's song Delresto (Echoes). Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.
Prada invited byNWR to conceive an experience around their SS23 collection, including an immersive installation, a runway show and a short movie.
Music from the Netflix series Copenhagen Cowboy featuring original music composed by Peter Peter, Peter Kyed, Cliff Martinez and Julian Winding.


The Ormonds’ last secular film is a bizarre mash up of strippers and a monster on the loose in psychedelic color.
Witness the second feature film to star the multitude's idol, EL SANTO! Presented in 4K resolution.
Two men search the jungle for a woman captured by murderous gorillas determined to keep her.
John Lerner's "Guilty Bystander" is a booze-soaked and paranoia-inflected independent feature shot entirely on location in the never-grubbier streets of New York City.
Ray Dennis Steckler made his directorial debut with this surfer rock-scored, Elvis-inspired B-movie about an aspiring musician’s sudden success.
Tim Ormond's directorial debut, imagining a frightening future of an atheist takeover by a Star Wars-like goon force.
For the third and final collaboration with the Ormonds, Rev. Estus Pirkle accompanies us to the Holy Land – and also dips back into Hell – to glimpse at the afterlife.
Ten rare and restored punk films curated by Peter Conheim (1976-1981).
A sailor (Dennis Hopper’s first starring role) falls in love with a girl in a beatnik jazz club, and is drawn into a strange world in which she may be a mermaid. Part gothic horror, part mood piece, all fever dream.


A private view of cut-out femme fatales and reconfigured pin-ups by Seana Redmond.
The Reinvention of Sexploitation Magazines.
An interview with rap pioneer, film composer, visual artist and survivor Schoolly D.


A rare peek inside the Cryptic Corporation headquarters, centering around Graeme Whifler and the Residents' infamous unfinished film project Vileness Fats.
byNWR's featured movie THE BURNING HELL seen through a sequence of found photos selected by Charlie Beesley.
The Nest of the Cuckoo Birds is a UFO of a film that resists easy categorization.


For 30 years, composer Martinez has helped reshape the parameters and possibilities of what movie music means.
This 1940s story, read by William Boyle, features a nudist camp, x-ray glasses, and goatees that “jerk with contempt.”
One hour and eighteen minutes of bliss from Julian Winding.


Copenhagen Cowboy Original Score (2xLP)
From Hollywood to Heaven Blu-ray
The Exotic Ones by Jimmy McDonough

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