Tyler Keith: Alias Kid Twist. Tyler Keith’s songs are gritty and raw and muscled up, punk country noir. They’re full of hellfire and hot rods.
By William Boyle

  • Interview01:08:24

Keith’s a cross between Jerry Lee Lewis, Jim Thompson, and a preacher on the lam from salvation. It’s criminal that his songs aren’t on every last radio in the savage, whiskey-drenched American night.

Here he is playing a handful of songs and being interviewed by guest editor William Boyle in the offices of the Southern Documentary Project.


Before Interview: 1. I'm Leaving Town - 2. Don't Look on My Dark Side - 3. I Wish I'd Never Fallen in Love
After Interview: 4. Tonight I Wanna Be Alone - 5. Kid Twist - 6. Do It For Johnn
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