Sonny Green. The greatest R&B talent you've never heard of performs live at Bell's Blues Workshop.

  • Aint Nothing You Can Do06:51

  • That's The Way I Feel About Cha04:05

  • Running Out Of Lies03:25

  • Forever Mine06:55

  • This Bitter Earth04:00

  • Drowning In The Sea Of Love05:39

  • We're Gonna Make It05:41

  • Precious Lord05:27

Perhaps the greatest R&B talent you’ve never heard of, a practitioner of the blues and soul vocal arts, Sonny Green is The Mean Machine! Watch him get down and groove with his knock-your-socks-off vocals.

The 77-year-old is such a ball of fire he can’t stay in frame! And he drags some of our crew onstage! We love you, Sonny!

(This performance is dedicated to Darryl “Duffy” Glenn, may he rest in peace.)

Sonny Green, vocals
Lester Lands, guitar
Roger Purfroy, drums
Victor Purvis, bass
Darryl Glenn, keyboards